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Young volunteer helping on the reefnet boat.

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A Salish Sea Crab Feast on the Beach—Crabbing and Dinner Event

More than a wonderful dinner—You are part of procuring and preparing!
  • Hear amazing stories
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  • Enjoy your meal at the beach with like-minded friends
  • Find out what’s happening behind the scenes
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Check Out Our Unique 2 Day Program — Chefs in Raingear!

  • Join up to 4 chefs from all over the world
  • Fish with us on the reefnet fishing boats
  • Stay at Nettles Farm
  • Cook the days bounty together

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Today We are Encouraging Habitat Restoration and Repopulation of our Beautiful Salish Sea!

It is no secret that the once pristine Salish Sea is struggling—industrial development, environmental pollution, and irresponsible fishing methods have led to loss of habitat for our irreplaceable sea creatures. Our southern resident orcas, the heart and soul of this region, are threatened with starvation and even extinction, and our salmon populations are in critical decline, threatening the future of our salmon fishing industry. But working together we can change this!

Be a Part of Saving Our Salish Sea

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and all donations, including cryptocurrency, are tax deductible. You can now be an integral part of saving the art of reefnetting for future generations, and in doing so make a difference to our salmon, our orcas, and the Salish Sea itself. By donating to the Salish Center, you can help us succeed in our goals for the coming year.