Wave Warriors

Welcome to the Wave Warriors, a powerful movement dedicated to protecting our planet’s fragile ecosystems, inspiring action, and celebrating the champions of conservation who work tirelessly to restore the Salish Sea and protect the beings that inhabit it.

A Heartfelt Awakening: Tahlequah’s Inspiring Journey and the Birth of the Wave Warriors Movement

The Wave Warriors initiative was inspired by the emotional story of Tahlequah (J35), an orca mother who, in 2018, carried her deceased calf on her nose for 17 days, traveling more than 1,000 miles in a heart-wrenching display of grief. This poignant event captivated the world and was a stark reminder of the urgent need to protect these magnificent creatures and their rapidly declining populations.

Uncovering the Unique World of Southern Resident Orcas
  • Did you know that Southern Resident Orcas (SROs) are the only orca population that relies exclusively on Salish Sea salmon for their survival? These magnificent creatures share a unique bond with their primary food source, showcasing the delicate balance of the Salish Sea ecosystem.
  • Each SRO has its own name and can be easily identified by its distinct physical characteristics. This individuality emphasizes the importance of preserving these remarkable beings and their habitat.
  • The SRO population is considered endangered in Canada and the United States, highlighting the critical need for conservation efforts to ensure their survival and the overall health of the Salish Sea ecosystem.

Our Unwavering Commitment: Safeguarding Orcas and Revitalizing Ecosystems for a Sustainable Future

We are dedicated to educating people about the plight of the Southern Resident Orcas (SRO), who act as a “canary in the coal mine,” signaling the potential global demise of ecosystems if we don’t take action now. Our mission is to inspire individuals to join our movement, make a real difference in the world, and contribute to protecting and restoring our planet’s fragile ecosystems. Here’s how:
Honorary Wave Warriors: Recognizing Exceptional Efforts to Save Orcas and Defend the Future

We celebrate our Honorary Wave Warriors for their outstanding contributions towards protecting and restoring the Salish Sea ecosystem. By showcasing their inspiring actions, we encourage others to join our mission and work together to secure a thriving future for the Southern Resident Orcas and our planet’s precious ecosystems.

Engaging Local and International Connections

The Wave Warrior digital collectibles coming June 2023 will be a powerful symbol of our shared commitment to the SRO community and global conservation efforts. These hand-drawn collectibles by locally based artist, AC Hart, will enable people worldwide to connect with the orcas and join our growing movement.

Education and Solution-Based Actions

Our initiative will provide both in-person and online educational resources to raise awareness about the challenges faced by the SRO community and the actions we can take to defend their future. We will collaborate with experts, organizations, and educational institutions to develop comprehensive materials and programs that empower individuals to make informed decisions and take meaningful steps toward conservation.

Defending the Future

Together, we will create a wave of change that sweeps across the world, touching the hearts and minds of people everywhere. By joining forces as Wave Warriors, we can ensure a thriving future for the Southern Resident Orcas, the Salish Sea, and our planet’s precious ecosystems

Meet the Wave Warriors Team:
Passionate Advocates for a Thriving Planet

Our dedicated team has a shared passion for the Southern Resident Orcas and the Salish Sea ecosystem; we are committed to driving meaningful change and inspiring others to join us in our mission. United by our love for the ocean and its inhabitants, the Wave Warriors team tirelessly works to educate, engage, and empower individuals worldwide to take action and protect our planet’s precious ecosystem for generations.

The Wave Warriors Collection is created to raise awareness and generate support for the Salish Center for Sustainable Fishing Method, a 501 c (3) Non profit.

Riley Starks
Larry Mellum
Rachel Wilkins
A.C. Hart
Eli Harris, Salish Center Secretary
Eli Harris

 Join the Wave of Change: Unite with Wave Warriors and Make a Difference

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